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Wooden Frames

Texsource offers both wood and aluminum screen printing frames in a large variety of sizes and mesh counts.  All of our screens come pre-tensioned to exacting industry specifications using mesh of the highest quality to ensure trouble free prints.  Interested in stretching your own screens?  We carry blank frames and mesh material as well as pneumatic stretching systems to do screens your way.  

If you are new to screen printing, you are no doubt wondering what screen is right for you.  Should you choose wood or aluminum frames?  What mesh count is right to use?  How do you clean your screen after you have finished a print job?  We are here to help answer all of your questions.  You can call toll free at 888-344-4657 and speak with any of our printing experts who will take the time to explain things thoroughly and help you get find the screens that are right for your print job.  Or, head over to our Blog or our Helpful Videos pages, and take in a wealth of screen printing knowledge.