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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Avient Infinite FX Nova Base

by Avient
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Size: Gallon

Avient™ Specialty Inks INFINITE FX NOVA BASE is a multi-purpose special effect ink for creating dry flake glitter effects and other specialty print surfaces. When mixed with a glitter particle flake, Nova Base has the ability to penetrate the fabric and leave the glitter flake exposed and dry to touch. Nova Base allows the glitter flake to retain its edge sharpness and brilliance when printed onto light and dark fabrics.


  • Multi-purpose specialty base that creates textured surfaces when pigments, finished inks or particles are added
  • Excellent wash properties. Glitter stays on the design!
  • Base penetrates fabric, leaving glitter flake exposed and dry. Allows glitter to retain sharp edges, shine and clarity
  • Low-cure, save energy
  • Tintable with plastisol colorants


  • Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp edged squeegees for best print results. Recommended mesh counts can vary depending on particle size
  • Mix up to 15% glitter particles dependent on particle size and desired look, mix thoroughly. A particle size of .008" x .008" is a good recommendation
  • Print in last position or flash after each print if using multiple screens
  • Use a heavy flood stroke and then light squeegee pressure to print Nova Base and glitter particle ink onto the garment. Excessive print pressure can cause too little base to be on the surface for a good adhesion to the flake
  • To achieve the dry flake effect, print the Nova Base and glitter mixture directly onto the fabric to allow the base to penetrate into the garment. To achieve a glossier look, print the ink onto a flash-dried base plate
  • Tintable with plastisol colorants. See Pigment Loading section for suggested tinting percentages. Adjust the % colorant added based on the strength of the colorants and color saturation desired
  • Metallics reflect infrared heat and a forced air dryer is recommended for curing. If using an electric oven, extend dwell time to achieve proper cure
  • Curing is a time and temperature process, a lower oven temperature setting with a slower belt speed while maintaining recommended ink cure temperature is always best to protect fabric, control dye migration and reduce energy consumption
  • INFINITE FX NOVA BASE can be cured between 270°F - 320°F (132°C - 160°C)

100% cotton, blends, some synthetics
Count: 24-61 t/in (9-24 t/cm) Tension: 25-35 n/cm2
Durometer: 60/90/60, 60-70 Profile: Square, Sharp Stroke: Hard flood, Medium stroke Angle: 10-15%
2 over 2 Off Contact: 1/16" (.2cm) Emulsion Over Mesh: 15-20%
Flash: 220°F (105°C) Cure: 270°F (132°C) Entire Ink Film
up to 5% Wilflex PC up to 10% Wilflex EQ up to 15% Wilflex RIO / MX up to 10% Rutland C3 Boosters
65-90°F (18-32°C) Avoid direct sunlight Use within one year of receipt

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