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Clearance Ink - PMS 314-U - 3 Quarts

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Title: 3 Quarts

3 QUART SIZE. SHIPS IN GALLON BUCKET. Approximate Pantone color: 314-U

All clearance inks ship from our North Carolina location and are limited to specific quantities and colors while supplies last. No returns. 

Premixed high-opacity plastisol ink marked down to clearance prices. Perfect for printing on 100% cotton fibers or on top of cotton/polyester blends when paired with an underbase like a low-bleed white or similar first down product. 

Mesh Count

Designed to print through 86-305 mesh count screens. 

Flash and Cure 

Flash: 140-150°F on pre-heated pallets

Cure: 320°F with an approximate dwell time of 60 seconds. 


Can be used with all reputable emulsion brands designed for use with plastisol inks.  This includes dual cure, diazo, and photopolymer emulsions.