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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying supply orders of $299 or more

Clearance Ink - Rutland Endurance Plus White - Quart

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Title: Quart


All clearance items ship from our North Carolina location and are limited to specific quantities and colors while supplies last. No returns. 

Endurance Plus is a low temperature white with great opacity. When combined with EL0755 Endurance Plus Barrier Grey as an underlay, it has the best low temperature dye migration resistance on all 100% polyester performance fabrics in the market today.

Endurance exhibits great bleed resistance, opacity and coverage. This short to medium bodied ink produces a satin hand with very low after flash tack and low flash times.

Printability, fiber mat down, and matte finish all rate as excellent. While this ink was designed specifically for polyester, it prints very smoothly on most all garments.

Matte finish with satin hand and 285F cure temperature.

High opacity with fast flash.

Often used on non-poly fabrics.

Great stretch, adhesion, and recovery makes it a perfect athletic ink.

This white has an optical brightener to assure it remains bright under various light sources.

Printing Tips

It is best practice to "pre-shear" ink before introduction to the screen. Do this by "Slicing and folding" the ink with an ink knife. Do not mix with power drill, friction heat from mechanical mixers other than a "Turn about" style mixer will thicken up the ink body.

Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks. When using liquid emulsions, a good coating technique (2+1) starting on the print side and proper exposure typically provides the best opacity, edge definition, and stencil longevity.

Print with lower pressure than standard Poly inks. Your image should clear on the second stroke for softest prints.

Under base with EL0755 Endurance Plus Barrier Grey for best results on bad dye bleeders, camo, tie-dye, and sublimated Polys. Always print a test garment and let sit for 8-24 hours to determine dye migration level of garment.

Once this ink is sheared, you may find that softer squeegees produce better prints.

This ink is popular as a general purpose white in shops that choose to only use 1 or 2 whites in their day-to-day operations. It should be noted that as is common with Poly inks, this ink will "puff".


Counts: 86 - 156 

Tension: 18-35n/cm3

Flash & Cure

Flash: 120-140°F on pre-heated pallets
Cure: 60 seconds at 285-290°F (140C-143°C)