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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Clearance Ink - Union EF Holographic Asteroid Red - Quart

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Title: Quart


All clearance inks ship from our North Carolina location and are limited to specific quantities and colors while supplies last. No returns. 

For direct print or transfer applications on light or dark fabrics.
Stencils: Use any direct emulsion compatible with plastisol inks that will give you the necessary stencil thickness and edge sharpness for screen meshes as coarse as those required for printing Holographic Glitter Plastisol. Typically an HV (High Viscosity) emulsion works best for this application.
Additives: Holographic Glitter Plastisols are supplied ready to print. Reducer/Detackifier (PLRE-9000) may be added if a thinner consistency is absolutely necessary. Since plastisol inks –body up and glitter particles may settle to the bottom of the container at rest, always stir the ink thoroughly to determine the actual printing viscosity prior to reducing. If reducing is necessary after stirring, add 2-5% PLRE-9000. Over-reducing may adversely effect the characteristics of the final print.
Curing Instructions: These inks will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 320°• F (160°• C). Because of the thickness of the ink film and the reflective nature of the glitter flakes, it may be necessary to slow the belt speed, increase the heat or perform a combination of both to achieve a proper cure.
Curing of Heat Transfers: Prints on heat transfer paper should only be semi-cured. Over-cure may cause problems later on during transfer (more energy is needed to re-melt a cured ink film than a semi-cured film). Semi-curing or gelling the ink film only to the extent that the sheets can be handled, stacked, cut and shipped is the desired condition. Gelling for 60-90 seconds at 250°• F (121°• C) is suggested as a starting point, but shorter periods at higher temperatures may be used.
Transfer Machine Settings: Transfer to garment using heat transfer press set at 375°• F (191°• C) for 15-20 seconds with pressure of transfer heat platen set at 40 PSI Allow print to cool prior to removing transfer paper. Be sure to test all suggested settings prior to running any production as gelling, transfer times, pressures and temperatures will vary.
Heat Transfer Paper: For maximum sparkle, a high gloss coated transfer paper manufactured for glitter transfers is required. Check with paper manufacturers for the best paper suited for the job.
Wash-Up: Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any Eco-Friendly screen wash designed for plastisol inks.