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Clearance - International Coatings 7031 Ultra White

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Title: Gallon

Gallon Size.

All clearance inks ship from our North Carolina location and are limited to specific quantities and colors while supplies last. No returns. 

7031 Ultra White is a high performance, high pigment, fast flashing, low tack, non-phthalate plastisol screen printing ink.

It's very creamy, short bodied, and very opaque, resulting in excellent coverage on dark garments. Formulated for high definition and resolution, fine detail and halftone printing.

Spot Flashing
This product will spot dry, with a very low after flash tack. Dwell time is dependent on the spot dryer used. In some cases, you may have tolower the heat of the spot cure unit because too muchheat may actually make the ink tacky. When you spot dry, you are only partially fusing or gelling the surface of the ink. The ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift-off, but not totally fused. Totally fusing the underprint white may cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the inks printed on top of the white ink. Final fusing or curing should occur in the dryer.

Important Information
7031 Ultra White offers some bleed resistance, but it is not a non-bleed ink. On some types of fabrics, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric to be printed before beginning production. It is best to do some long term testing on some fabrics to determine if they are going to bleed. Bleeding or dye migration may not occur right away.

Adjust squeegee pressure, angle and off-contact to insure proper shear and laydown of printed ink. Excessive squeegee pressure will drive 7031 Ultra White through the fabric being printed, making the ink look less opaque. Proper settings of squeegee, flood bar and off-contact will improve performance, improve screen life and squeegee durability.

7031 Ultra White is very easy to print when compared to other white inks and can be printed through finer mesh counts while still maintaining great opacity. This means reduced ink usage and faster production times, a real money saver. Using finer mesh counts also means a softer hand on the finished product.

Adding any reducers or additives can lower the bleed resistance, opacity or increase cure times of the ink. STIR the ink prior to printing on press and after addition of reducers or additives.

Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.

100% Cotton
50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blends

Ink Application
7031 Ultra WhiteTM should be used right from the container without any modifications

If modification is necessary, use 1 percent to 5 percent by weight of 1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer

Screen Mesh
110-305 t/in (43-120 t/cm) monofilament

Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range

65-70 Durometer Sharp Edge

Cure Temperatures
325ºF (163ºC) for minute Dependent on dryer speed and temperature settings

Any eco-friendly plastisol screen wash



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