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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Avient Infinite HD Clear 2

by Avient
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Size: Gallon

Avient™ Specialty Ink INFINITE FX HD CLEAR 2 is a clear developed to create the appearance of glass, gel, water, or high gloss surfaces. HD clear 2 can be used in high density applications or blended with other texture inks to create unique effects. It is also an effective adhesive carrier for foil, flock, and other applications.


  • Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp edged squeegees for best print results. Recommended mesh counts can vary depending on particle size.
  • For best HD results, use open mech counts with 200 - 400 micron capillary film and print-flash-print. Use a heavy flood to fully fill the open areas of the stencil with ink then print with medium squeegee pressure
  • Print in last position or flash after each print if using multiple screens
  • Commonly used as a foil or flock adhesive
  • Tintable with plastisol colorants. See Pigment Loading below for suggested tinting percentages. Adjust the % colorant added based on the strength of the colorants and color saturation desired.
  • Amber appearance in the bucket but will gain transparency after cure. Achieves good clarity at high ink deposit
  • For flock adhesion, print using 70 duro squeegee 86-110 t/in (34-43 t/cm) with 200 micron stencil and then apply the flock fibers onto the wet ink layer and cure at 320° F (160° C)
  • For improved flock adhesion, add up to 5% INFINITE FX HUGGER CATALYST. Adding Hugger Catalyst reduces pot life to 4-8 hours
  • For foil transfers, print HD clear 2 using 70 duro squeegee and 86-110 t/in (34-43 t/cm) and 2 strokes. Place foil face up with teflon sheet and apply foil with heat press at 330° F (165° C) for 10-12 sec at medium pressure. Cool shirt before peeling foil. HD clear 2 can be used as a foil adhesive after cure with a heat press or with an automatic in-line press foil applications.


Pigment Loading
Up to 10% with Wilflex PC
Up to 15% with Wilflex EQ
Up to 40% with Wilflex RIO / MX
Up to 30% with Rutland C3 Boosters

Flash Temperature

220° F (105° C)

Cure Temperature 

320° F (160° C)


Durometer - 60/90/60, 60-70
Squeegee Blade - Sharp, Square
Squeegee Angle - 10-15%
Squeegee Speed - Hard flood, Slow stroke

Mesh Count

24-110 t/in (9-43 t/cm)
Mesh Tension 

25-35 n/cm2

2 over 2, Off Contact: 1/16in, Emulsion over mesh: 15-20% or 200-400 micron
Substrate Type 

100% cotton, blends, spandex, uncoated nylon, acrylics

65° F to 90° F (18° C to 32° C). Avoid direct sun. Use within one year of receipt.

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