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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Easiway PT525 Dip Tank - 25 Gallon

by Easiway
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At Easiway, we believe everyone should be able to spend less time in their reclaim rooms and still get the job done 100%. That is why our award-winning engineering team has been working on conducting extensive tank studies, testing materials, and countless prototypes. The result - the perfect dip / soak tank.

We created this specifically with our customers in mind - removing almost 10 inches from the height of our current PT-520 tanks for easier access, a built-in hold-down bar to keep screens submerged, and the industry's first-ever built-in drip ledge. The size of this tank will fit both the PT-506 and PT-520 user needs at a great price point.

  • Capacity: 25 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 37"W x 13"D x 28"H
  • Will hold (2-3) - 25" x 36" frames horizontally or 20" x 24" frames vertically
  • Built-in screen hold-down bar to keep screens submerged
  • The industry's only in-tank drip ledge to eliminate wasted chemical
  • Sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank
  • Drain for easy emptying
  • Includes lid
  • 1. Scrape ink
  • 2. Pull tape
  • 3. Dip screens (1-3 minutes or until film loosens from mesh)
  • 4. Pressure rinse
  • 5. Spray an Easiway approved stain remover such as Easiway 701
  • 6. Scrub
  • 7. Pressure rinse
  • 8. Flood rinse screen. After finishing the final flood rinse your screen is reclaimed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gary Heath
Saves Time For Sure

I picked up a small tank at open house, works very well so far, I believe it will save money as well (as opposed to buying other chemicals)

James Braten
You can't imagine how much easier this is

Going from washing out screens in a bathtub to reclaiming with one of these is an unbelievable jump. I can't even put it in to words.