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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Union Plasticharge Kit - Deluxe

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Deluxe Kit contains:
1 Qt - 9070 Plasticharge Additive
1 Qt - Aquarius Bright Discharge White
1 Qt - Discharge Agent ZFS #8
1 Qt - Chromaline Magna/Cure® UDC-ACE

Union Plasticharge is a series of products that enable you to get discharge (water based) type prints using your readily available plastisol inks. Choose your color and mix the additive 50% with your ink. Next, add the ZFS Agent at 6% of the weight of the combined ink (50% plastisol, 50% Plasticharge additive).

When working with red and orange colors, care should be taken to avoid scorching. Reduce the additive to 30% (70% plastisol, and 30% Plasticharge additive) and also reduce the ZFS Agent to 4%.

Consult your shirt provider to make sure you are getting quality dischargeable cotton shirts or colors may change during curing process. Use a quality water resistant emulsion to avoid emulsion breakdown.
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Customer Reviews

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As Good As Discharge

Using this rather than pure water based inks gives lots of flexibility and a lower cost / ease of use. Good way to get into discharge printing without breaking the bank and you will be happy with what you get.