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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Workhorse Professional Screen Printing Shop 6

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This turnkey screen printing equipment package from Workhorse represents the very state of the art in manual shop printing equipment. This one gives you the best of everything, with the highest output capabilities of any turnkey shop. For those who don't want to compromise on quality and production, this is the shop for you!

Package Includes:
  • MCH-88-MP - Mach 8 Color / 8 Station Press
  • PD-3009-3-1P - Powerhouse-2 30" x 9' Conveyor Dryer
  • 11611 - 34" x 50" LED Exposure Unit
  • SS-1824 - Super Seca 18" x 24" Flash Cure Unit
  • 11507 - 52" Washout Booth
  • SD-10 - Screen Drying Cabinet

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This Mach Series manual screen printing press was designed for the screen printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life.

The Mach screen printing machine is ideal for growing and high volume shops producing sophisticated designs. The large diameter and full-length center shaft, combined with print station support struts, maximize rigidity. The precision machined cast aluminum print heads and center wheel provide the tightest registration.

With the optional cap, jacket, sign, coozie, sticker and pocket attachments, this screen printing machine is the do it all answer for any shop. Combined with the tool free X, Y, and Z micro registration, this screen printing machine is the best of all worlds.

  • Max Screen Width - 25" (63.5cm)
  • Diameter x Height - 134" x 34-36" (297cm x 86-91cm)
  • Solid Construction
  • Welded Steel
  • Multi-Adjustable Print Head
  • Sprint Loaded Micro Registration
  • Capture Fork & Bearing Registration
  • Quick Release Pallet & Bracket System

Powerhouse-2 30" x 9' Conveyor Dryer

The Powerhouse Series II cures plastisol and water-based ink systems as well as other evaporative cured inks at industrial rated production speeds. The control center is managed via a touch screen tablet which is easy to use while providing you much more information than ever before. A ground up redesign of the air handling system now offers a powerful yet controllable air flow that is easily matched to your ink system. Touch screen control, adjustable height heaters, adjustable air volume and various sizes for any production requirement. This should be your next dryer!

  • Cures plastisol, water-based, discharge, and other evaporative cured inks
  • Advanced air flow and air handling
  • Adjustable height heating elements
  • Multiple configurations available to fit any shop
  • Infrared Panel Heating Elements
  • Touchscreen Tablet Control
  • Adjustable Exhaust
  • 30" Belt Width
  • 400-500 Approximate Plastisol Curing
  • 100-200 Approximate Waterbased Curing
  • Choose from 1 Phase, 240v, 50-60hz, 11,309w, 47a, or 3 Phase, 240v, 50-60hz, 11,417w, 31a

      34" x 50" LED Exposure Unit

      The Workhorse Lumitron series of tabletop and stand alone units deliver fast, uniform and high resolution exposures using long lasting LED light strips. In addition to the fast exposure times and fine line detail, this unit will reduce your set up times, energy costs and overall cost of ownership.

      Unlike expensive metal halide bulbs that require regular replacements, run at high temperatures and require startup and cool down time, the LED strips operate at much lower temperatures, can last over 50,000 hours and start and stop immediately with the touch of a button. Workhorse has also taken the lead by offering their line of exposure units at the most affordable price on the market. Power Requirements:
      120V / 60 HZ / 6A / NEMA 5-15P

      • Max Screen Size: 34"x50"
      • Easy to operate digital control timer
      • Powerful, oil-free vacuum pump
      • Flexible neoprene blanket to ensure film to screen contact
      • Gas shock operated blanket frame for easy opening
      • Large exposing surface

      Super Seca 18" x 24" Flash Cure Unit

      The Workhorse Super Seca is the most economical and functional flash curing unit in the industry. It is built to last, with the dependability screen printers need in their shop. The Super Seca features an amazing 10 year warranty. The infrared heat panel in combination with the energy reflectors for enhanced edge curing makes this one of the best flash units on the market. The unit features sturdy five-leg base, 360 degree head rotation, adjustable height, and is totally portable.

      There are several options that can be added to the Super Seca to make it more helpful in and around your shop. You can add the auto rotation box, that makes moving the flash to keep from burning shirts and pallets a thing of the past. The auto rotation box moves your flash head to a safe home position between prints. It comes with an easy to use foot pedal making it switch easily between auto and manual modes. Also available is a temperature control box, which allows temperature reduction for scorch free flashing on all materials. Casters are also available for easy movement. Power Requirements: 220v - 50-60Hz - 3,000w - 14a

      • 10 Year Heating Element Warranty
      • 360 Degree Head Rotation
      • Adjustable Height
      • Infrared Heat Panel
      • Energy Reflectors for Enhanced Edge Curing
      • Sturdy 5 Leg Base
      • On / Off Switch
      • Casters are not included in complete unit

      11507 - 52" Washout Booth

      Would you expect anything less than the best from Workhorse? How about this industry leading series of washout booths design to maximize workflow and efficiency when dealing with screen reclaim. Available in 2 sizes - 36"w and 52"w. This product requires a crating fee.

      The Wash-it is the perfect place to reclaim emulsion or ink out of your screen printing frames. Perfect to set up in your reclaim area. This sink is designed specifically for screen printers, being at waist height for ergonomic construction and built for function and comfort. The Wash-It sink is designed to have large screen capacity and multiple screen capacity making it perfect for all screen printers. The Wash-It has ridged steel construction, a translucent back window, and an adjustable screen rack. With easy and thorough drainage, the wash-it sink is excellent for your shop.

      The Wash-It Screen Wash-Out Sink / Reclaim Booth is ideal for screen developing and reclaiming in small and medium sized shops. With a large screen size capacity of up to two frames 25x36 (58.4x78.7cm), steel construction and translucent back window, the Wash-It is both durable and functional. The optional Squeegee Rack provides a convenient place for wet squeegees to dry.

      • Depth 24", Width 52", Height 72"
      • Large Screen Capacity
      • Water-Proof Welding
      • Steel Construction
      • Translucent Back Window
      • Adjustable Screen Tray
      • Accepts Standard Plumbing Fittings
      • Easy and Thorough Draining
      • Easy to Assemble


      SD-10 - Screen Drying Cabinet

      Workhorse introduces the SD-10 Screen Drying Cabinet. This unit is designed to eliminate problems associated with the screen preparation process. Problems such as dust and foreign materials caught in the emulsion creating pinholes, the application of block out and additional labor costs to repair these pinholes and imperfections, and inconsistent drying times to name a few. The SD-10 will save you time, money, and improve your overall screen quality. Its versatility to hold a variety of screen sizes, function as a perfect stand for most bench model exposure units and affordable price, make it a welcome addition to any print shop.


      Electrical: 115v, 60Hz, 22 Amps, 1,200w
      Dimensions: 35" Depth x 43" Width x 35" Height
      Weight: 350 lbs.


      • Industrial Strength Sheet Metal (Hold any bench model exposure unit)
      • Heavy Duty Lockable Casters
      • Stainless Steel Finned Strip Heater
      • Single Sealed Insulated Door
      • Double Wall Construction
      • Holds up to 10 Screens, Adjustable to customize rack space
      • Screen size from 20x24 up to 25x36
      • Perforated, galvanized steel angled shelves to maximize airflow and ensure screen edge contact only
      • Industrial Fine Mesh Filter: Easy to remove and swap out filter
      • Easily Adjustable: Choose between Pressurized or Circular Airflow
      • Temperature Controller
      • Digital Display: Precise Temp Accuracy
      • Dual Display: Showing set and internal temperature
      • One year warranty on labor
      • Two-year limited warranty on parts

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