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Easiway Continues To Go Green!

Easiway Systems announces its projects to continue creating a "greener place to work". Here's what Taylor Loeber, Sustainability Coordinator for Easiway had to say:
Making Easiway Systems a Greener Place to Work
Most people assume chemical and manufacturing industries are environmentally dirty – but we are proving that this assumption isn’t true. At Easiway Systems, we are stepping up our “green” game simply because we care. As the new Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at Easiway Systems, I am excited to announce our first initiative: Easiway Green.
Easiway Green Projects at reducing our landfill waste by 30%, recycling our paper in house and creating organic compost that we will use in our local garden of herbs and produce that will be irrigated with captured rainwater.
To reduce our landfill waste by 30%, we have started a vermicomposting ecosystem. What this means is that, 30% of our trash, that would usually end up in landfills, instead is being put into a compost bin with worms. That’s right, worms. These worms simply break down the organic material and create an ultra-rich composting by-product fertilizer. The trash that is composted in house is the leftover fruits, vegetable, coffee pods, and other parts of our employees lunch scraps that they would usually throw in the trash. To make our worm compost even richer we have switched the office to compostable coffee pods, so that everyone drinking their morning cup of coffee can know that they are contributing in a positive way.
With our organic rich fertilizer created by our office worms, we will be creating an office garden of herbs and produce. This garden, located right outside Easiway President John Schluter’s office. This garden will be filled with tomatoes, zuchinni, onions, chives, cilantro, basil, and much, much more.

To irrigate this garden, we will be using captured rain water form the roof of our facility. We will do this by capturing rainwater off the roof into rain barrels which we will then water the garden.
The fruits, vegetables and herbs from our garden will come full circle back to our break room and onto our plates for employees, guests, and maybe yourself if you come pay us a visit. Any extra food will be donated to local shelter or recycled back into our own composting system.
This is just one sustainability initiative that Easiway Systems has – we plan to have many more, because we care.
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