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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more
Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Schedule an On-Site Private Training Class

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Looking for Individualized Training? Texsource will come to you - no matter where you are in the US!

Nothing beats customized training in your shop, with your team using your in-house equipment. 

That’s why Texsource brings its popular single- and multi-day classes to clients looking for personalized, in-depth training. All on-site training sessions are designed to meet specific client training requirements. 

If you’re a: 

  • Novice screen printer or a team of rookies looking to get started - we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped hundreds of screen printers get their feet wet for years at our North Carolina and Georgia training centers. 
  • Screen printing veteran or an experienced printer tasked with training new employees in the craft, we can show you how to increase your skills and help you bring new employees up to speed.
  • School or non-profit organization, we can offer training for both instructors or student groups based on your needs.
  • Production art designer or printer looking for in-depth training in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, film output, our in-house art design guru Mike Hoey can teach you to squeeze the most from these essential tools and how to better translate those designs from your screen room to the press. 

The idea is to offer screen printers the opportunity to find their weak points and teach them ways to improve. We can cater this class to your individual requirements. 

PRICE: $895 (per day - 8hr block - 2-day minimum required)

You must provide: 

  • All necessary equipment, including washout booth, minimum 4-color/4-station press, exposure unit and dryer 
  • Appropriate electrical connections for flashes and dryers and lighting
  • Inks, emulsions and film positives
  • Travel, lodging and food costs 

Sample Schedule 

Day 1: Fundamental Skills 


Efficient screen printing begins with mastering the fundamentals. We teach students the importance that each step plays in the screen printing process, from art design to printing and screen reclaiming. 

  • How to smoothly coat a screen by hand 
  • Choosing and using the right emulsion, including photopolymer, diazo and capillary film
  • Working with film positives
  • How to properly expose screens - and diagnose problems in your process
  • How to wash out and develop screens for maximum detail
  • How to quickly and efficiently register screens on press 
  • Proper printing procedures 
  • Shirt curing and testing 
  • Press break down and screen reclaiming

Day 2: Art Design Training

Art design is a critical component of the screen printing process. It's also a task often left to specialized production design teams. We can teach your design staff to work faster and smarter. We can also help print shop owners and staffers looking to learn the craft how to better understand the artwork process and why it matters to your screen room and printing team. 

  • The most important features and tools of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and how to best use them daily
  • Smart workflows, re-usable templates and getting the most from freelance or subscription art services
  • Manual color separations 
  • Best design practices to capture maximum detail
  • Designing with half-tones in mind
  • Multiple ways to convert raster images to vector designs 
  • Why you need to master the pen tool

Day 3: 

Learn to add extra value to your print shop's portfolio with with special effects inks and printing techniques, including discharge and plasticharge inks, puffs, glitters, shimmers, metallics and plastisol heat transfers. 

  • Special effects artwork design considerations and film output
  • Proper emulsion choice and use when printing discharge and plasticharge inks
  • Mesh selection and its impact when printing specialty inks
  • Substrate choice and why it matters in the special effects printing
  • Key differences between water based printing and plastisol printing
  • How to mix and use water based, discharge and plastisol-based specialty inks
  • How to avoid common pitfalls when printing water based inks
  • How to design, print and store plastisol heat transfers
  • How to use a heat press to apply plastisol heat transfers

You must provide: 

  • All necessary equipment, including washout booth, minimum 4-color/4-station press, exposure unit and dryer 
  • Appropriate electrical connections for flashes and dryers and lighting
  • Inks, emulsions and film positives
  • Travel and lodging costs 

**Private training dates cannot conflict with public Texsource training classes**

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