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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more
Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more
ScreenPRO600 Direct-To-Screen Imaging System | Texsource
ScreenPRO600 Direct-To-Screen Imaging System | Texsource

ScreenPRO600 Direct-To-Screen Imaging System


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Greatly simplify the workflow of screen production!

ScreenPRO 600 is a high speed, high resolution, industrial computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging system based on inkjet printing technology. ScreenPRO 600 directly generates opaque images on emulsion-coated screens with UV-blocking ink so that users can dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost required for screen preparation. CTS technology eliminates the need to use, store and retrieve costly film, thereby reducing the overall cost of making the screen.

Utilizing the advantages of high-resolution inkjet technology, ScreenPRO 600 has the ability to print computer-to-screen images with richer details and smoother halftone transitions, which are superior to traditional film positives.

The imaged screens produced by ScreenPRO 600 are compatible with existing standalone exposure equipment for subsequent exposure. The specially-formulated UV-blocking ink also works well on nearly all emulsions. All the benefits make ScreenPRO600 easy to integrate into current screen-printing production lines. ScreenPRO 600 is an ideal choice for the screen-printing industry, especially for T-shirt printing, industrial decoration printing, as well as bottle & cup printing.

NOTE - The ScreenPRO600 requires both a crating fee and installation fee. 

Benefits of the ScreenPRO600

Print Resolution

Higher print resolution means more detail in your artwork; finer detail than is possible when dealing with films.

Increased Efficiency

Faster on-press setup and registration times means less overall setup time and increased shop output, which increases your bottom line.

Faster Exposures

Utilizing the very latest in LED exposure technology, the ScreenPRO600 gets you press-ready screens FAST!

No Pinholes

Exposure-based pinholes are a thing of the past with the ScreenPRO600.  No more touch-ups for lower quality exposed screens.

Improved Image Quality

With vastly increased print resolution and precision priting, your images will show sharpness and detail like never before.

Streamlined Workflow

Keep the most important steps in your workflow under complete digital control with one unit - the ScreenPRO600 will not let you down!

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Savings Advantage Over Film

  • Film Cost average $2 per screen
  • 25 Screens Per Day = 6500 screens per year
  • 6500 screens x $2.00 Average Cost = $13,000 Film Cost
  • vs SP600 Ink Cost Average $.10 per screen
  • 6500 Screens x $.10 = $650 Ink Costs
  • $13,000 - $650 = $12,350 SAVINGS!

ScreenPRO600 Pays For Itself

  • ScreenPRO600 Cost = $49,995
  • $49,995 / $12,350 (Film Savings) = Years ROI
  • Use 50 Screens Per Day? = 2 Years ROI
  • Use 100 Screens Per Day? = 1 Year ROI
  • 100 Screens A Day = ROI Around 1 Year In Film Cost.
  • The SP600 Pays For Itself with Savings from Film Use.

What Can The ScreenPRO600 Do For Your Print Business?

Lucas Campbell - Precision Prints

My company has been using the ScreenPRO system in our shop for over a year now.  It is hard to describe just how much difference this system makes.  Higher quality, faster workflow, and it is very reliable.  It would be near impossible to go back to manual exposure systems after bringing this into our shop.