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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Texsource Specialty Ink - Silver Foil

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Make Your Prints Shine! Foil special effects inks are non-phthalate inks that can be used to attain a shiny reflective-type finish. They have been specially formulated to give maximum coverage. These inks can be printed as a high density image or as a flat print graphic concept.

For the best results regarding the reflective nature of this product, we recommend a screen mesh of 40 to 196. Higher mesh counts may be used but may require testing to analyze results.

  • Smooth surface.
  • Opaque.
  • Excellent adhesion to fabrics.
  • Excellent stretch properties.
  • Use in combination with other plastisol inks.
  • Can be printed as a high density ink or combined with other non-phthalate inks.
  • Excellent wash properties.

You can flash cure this product at around 220f (105c) for approximately 5-10 seconds depending on garment type, thickness, and flash height. Full curing should be around 270-320f (160c) for approximately 60 seconds.

This product should be stored in a dry temperature controlled environment, ideally at 60-90f. Avoid direct sunlight.

This ink, when properly kept, should have an expected shelf life of approximately 1 year.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shine & Hand

The Silver foil ink added a nice metallic shimmering effect while maintaining a soft-hand feel . We printed through a 110 mesh with no problem and it held detail with good coverage.

Not what I thought

I bought the silver foil SHIM 11537. This stuff was very thick. Very hard to flood the screen. The drying seemed to be very difficult as well. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I went to clean it off the screen and it coated my hands, I thought I was entering the matrix at first. After a great deal of scrubbing it did come off. I think I will not use this again - I really enjoy the company and the people are great !!!