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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Matsui Water Based
Ink Products

Matsui International is a PVC free water-based ink producer, and advocate of environmentally friendly practices, offering a variety of water-based inks and specialty products for a broad range of products. Matsui produces an array of inks that are all water based and with no ‘co-solvents,’ the majority of which have been OekoTex 100 Grade 1 certified.

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Alpha Series

Water based PMS mixing inks that require no additives or bases and are dischargeable.

Mixing Pigments

Mix your own PMS colors with these concentrated pigments (requires additives and bases).

White & Black Inks

All water based white and discharge white inks.

Mixing Bases

Mixing bases for use with Matsui Concentrated Mixing Pigments.


Additives for use with Matsui brand inks and pigments.

Matsui takes the guesswork out of Water Based printing.
Easy to use, easy to mix, with results you can count on!

Should I Use Water Based Inks?

Why Consider Water Based Inks?

Water based inks can offer several advantages over standard plastisol inks.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is their ability to mix the ink colors you need.  Some series even offer exact formulations to match PMS colors.  Water based inks are a more environmentally friendly product as they are not petroleum based.  Cleanup can be a breeze as instead of chemical products you can use a spray bottle and water.  Water based inks also leave a softer hand (feel) when cured properly on the garment.  

Special Considerations of Water Based Inks

Waterbased inks can be more difficult to cure than plastisol inks for those with smaller dryers.  When mixing your own colors, you should use a high quality digital scale and take care to ensure proper mixing ratios.   Water based inks will require a water resistant emulsion to be used as a stencil or you will experience emulsion breakdown.  Water based inks can also dry in the screen quickly if left unattended.  To remedy this, it is handy to have a spray water bottle nearby and spray lightly when needed.