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Take advantage of Free Shipping at $299 on qualifying online orders
Take advantage of Free Shipping at $299 on qualifying online orders

Learn Printing Tips,
At Your Own Pace

Texsource produces these instructional videos to assist with helping our customers learn a variety of techniques related to screen printing, embroidery, and sign supplies.

How to Get the Most From Your Dip Tank

Easiway Systems' 25 Gallon Dip Tank

Using Union Plasticharge Products

Spot Removal Products

Texsource Curable Reducer

Emulsion Scoop Coaters

Texsource Universal Series Plastisol

Texsource Waterbased Inks

Easiway Washout Booth Assembly

BEST On Press Ink Remover

Franmar Chemical Cleaning Kit

Easy Emulsion Coating

Printing On Paper Bags

Waterbase Discharge Ink Kit

Suede Ink Additive

Glow In The Dark Ink

Lining Up Two Color Artwork

Water Repellent Ink

Waterbased Pallet Adhesive

Specialty Printing Class

Workhorse Super Seca Flash

Genesis Exposure Unit

How To Use Blockout Pens

Ulano EZ Film Demo

Camie Spray Adhesives

Waterbased Pallet Adhesive

Texsource Georgia Facility Tour

TexMist and TexFlash

Genesis Entry Level Press

Scrub Pad Cleanup

Easiway Washout Booth Overview

PMI Dual Tack Pallet Tape

Genesis 4/2 Press Assembly

Easy Screen Reclaim Tips

Workhorse Odyssey Overview

Choosing Squeegee Durometer

Selecting Mesh Count

Quick Squeegee Cleanup

Easy Artwork Alignment

Cleanup Cards & Press Wipe

Using Screen Openers

Using Flash Cure Units

Artwork Alignment Tricks

Using Registration Marks

Proper Screen Taping