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Texsource Brand Plastisol Inks

Texsource brand screen printing plastisol inks are formulated to bring you the quality and performance you expect from name brand inks, at a more economical price point.

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GEN Series Ink

Best suited for 50/50 garments, yet can still yield excellent results on cotton or polyester as well. Our best-selling general use inks.

Universal Ink

A true 'universal' ink, it is at home printing on a variety of materials that benefit from the strength of the ink - a lower cure temperature.

Polyester Ink

The ideal ink for polyester garments, with excellent bleed resistance and overall printability.

Super Opaque

A superior High Opacity (HO) ink at a cost savings over major brands. The 'secret weapon' ink of many pro shops.

4 Color Process

Print amazing photo realistic color combinations using Texsource Four Color Process Inks.