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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Aquarius Plasticharge White

by Avient
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Aquarius Plasticharge White is a hybrid plastisol/discharge that allows you to print water base discharge style prints with more ease than a true water base discharge. Aquarius Plasticharge White allows you longer open times than true water base and better coverage on some blends where higher pigmentation is needed.



  • Use as a stand alone white for super soft prints on cotton.
  • Aquarius Plasticharge White also makes a terrific under base for softer prints.
  • Plastisol and water base inks may be printed over Plasticharge prints.
  • Plasticharge is an excellent tool for learning water base for printers who are already established in plastisol.

    Printing Tips

    • Add 4-6% Aquarius Activator ZF prior to printing. Mix until completely dissolved. Let sit covered for 10 minutes.
    • If mixture "foams" mix back down. This should not impact printability in most cases
    • The printer should test Aquarius™ Plasticharge White on the garment prior to production to determine if the dyes in that garment will discharge
    • After mixing, the ink must be used for discharging within 24 hours. If necessary, Aquarius™ Plasticharge White may be reduced with water.
    • Plasticharge print area will soften considerably after the first wash.
    • If print fades after wash, not all of the water was evaporated out of the print. This means the garment requires a longer dwell time in the dryer for full evaporation
    • Water base inks can dry in the screen, Aquarius™ Plasticharge is no exception. It is helpful to mist the air above the screen with a spray bottle of distilled water as needed in order to maintain humidity.
    • An even better option for maintaining humidity near your Plasticharge screen(s) is to place a small evaporative steam humidifier on the floor below the print head.

    Water & Mild Detergent

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