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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Black Ink Refill Cartridges for Epson P400

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Note to customers.  If you upgrade the software/firmware for the printer online, you will no longer be able to use the Acculink All-Black ink cartridges.  Upon upgrade, you will be forced by Epson to use their standard cartridges in the printer.  The printer will no longer operate without OEM cartridges or chips.  Reversal of this upgrade may not be possible. 

We strongly caution you against clicking or accepting any "recommended" improvements, enhancements, updates, or upgrades from EPSON for your P400 printer.

This ink system works through AccuRip software, which directs your P400 series printer to draw equally from each cartridge. Eight 18ml cartridges load the Epson P400 printer with a lethal arsenal of dye based ink producing maximum opacity films.  Total ink yield for these cartridges is close to 110ml of black ink.

User MUST run ink through an Epson P400.

Consumer note: Ink Cartridges are color coated to insure proper placement in print. PLEASE NOTE: there is BLACK ink within the cartridge though a color is labeled on the top of it.