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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Clearance Rutland Chill LB-9800 LB LC Poly White - Gallons

by Rutland
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Size: Gallon

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LB9800 Chill LB LC Poly White is a flexible temperature cure ink for 100% poly fabrics. When printing on fabrics that exhibit unstable dyes, this ink allows you to drop the cure temperature as low as 270°F/132°C offering you better dye migration control and lowering energy consumption costs.

This premium flexible cure system produces a contemporary soft hand with a matte finish. Rutland Chill inks are a terrific fit for manual and automatic presses in shops of varying sizes. This extensive system delivers vibrant, rich colors direct to cotton and onto most cotton blends, benefiting from a lower cure to minimize the risk of dye migration appearing in your print. For more unstable polyester blends, sublimated and 100% polyester garments, printers can use the grey dye blocking barrier. This bleed blocker is recommended for when problem fabrics prove to be too challenging for the Rutland Chill LC LB Tidy White or the Rutland Chill Poly White.


  • Lower cure temperatures allow for better control on fabrics that may shrink or distort under higher temperatures
  • Supple hand and excellent elasticity
  • Stable finish even at higher cure temps, this ink does not "puff" or swell as much as competitive products
  • High opacity on darker fabrics facilitating non-migrating pigments
  • Energy savings and cooler operating temperatures
  • Excellent bleed resistance

Printing Tips:

  • Adjust flash cure temperature and dwell time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes. Depending on flash unit, a 3 - 5 second flash is adequate
  • For best results, use a print-flash-print technique to ensure sufficient ink deposit on dark fabrics.
  • Use 86–230t/in (34-90t/cm) mesh screens with high tension for best performance, ink release and opacity. Lower mesh equals more deposit. Use higher meshes to achieve halftones.

Fabric Types

100% Polyester & Poly blends


Durometer: Medium: 60-70, 60/90/60 Profile: sharp, square Stroke: 2 stroke, medium speed Angle: 10° -20°

Flash & Cure

Flash: 150° F (66° C) Cure: 270°-320° F (132° -160° C)


65°-90°F (18°-32°C) Avoid direct sunlight. Use within one year of receipt. Keep container well sealed.

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