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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

EZ Grip Squeegee - 13"

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$33.40 - $49.87
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Style: Handle Only (No Squeegee Rubber)

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OSHA Recommend Power Grip - The EZGrip Squeegee is a revolutionary new product that greatly reduces print fatigue, while simultaneously giving you better squeegee blade life. Its ergonomic two handle design works great for both push and pull strokes, and provides a comfortable grip which aligns the hands and adjoining wrists to promote a healthy posture that reduces stress, pain and the potential of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The flood grip makes flooding the screen with a single hand a breeze, that way you can hold up the screen with your other hand. The 13" handle can accept squeegee blade lengths from 6" up to 14", and also has little feet under the handles that prevent the squeegee from falling into the ink.

What truly sets The EZ Grip apart is how easy it is to switch out your squeegee blade. Absolutely no glue, bolts or staples needed. The patent-pending "friction grips" on the inside of the handle keep your squeegee blade secure, and since there's no glue, bolts or staples needed, you can easily use all 4 edges of the blade for a much longer life-span. If all that's not enough for you, The EZ Grip is also proudly made in the USA.  

  • Two Ergonomic Upright Handles
  • Flood Grip For Single Hand Flood Strokes
  • Self Standing In & Out of the Screen
  • Install Blade in 3 Seconds Without Screws
  • Doubles the Life of the Blade
  • Protects Blade from Damage
  • Uses Any Size Blade Up to 14" - Easy to Change Out!
  • One Piece Construction
  • Smooth Surface
  • Faster & Easier To Clean
  • Light Wt. 5 oz.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dean Evans
Excellent Squeegee

way, way, way better control and grip than our wooden handles. we bought one and immediately ordered 2 more for our shop. the girls who use these wont use the wood handles anymore.

Kristie Prtorich
Great Control

It will be hard to go back to a wood handle after sampling this at the Open house at Texsource. Feels very good and has much better control than a wood handle. I bought 1 at a sale price at the show and will likely buy another. Very, very good control and feels strong.