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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Franmar D-Haze Haze Remover Liquid

by Franmar
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Size: Gallon
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Our revolutionary D-Haze not only gets rid of ghost images, it's also the kiss of death to the cleaners that cause your eyes to burn and your skin and nose to become irritated. Speaking of images, imagine this--some of our customers tell us they are using screens that are over 10 years old-and because they use D-Haze, those screens are like new! Don't let ghost images spook you, spook them right off your screen. Give'em D-Haze. At Franmar, making your job easier--the clean and simple way--is our job.

  • Safe on mesh
  • Promotes longer screen life
  • Made with soy


    Do not get Haze Remover on the glued portion of the screen as it will remove glues and adhesives.

    1. On a slightly damp screen, spray or pour a minimal amount onto screen haze/ghost image.
    2. Scrub screen with a dedicated Biggee pad or nylon brush.
    3. Repeat on back of screen image.
    4. Rinse screen clean with pressured water or use a damp cloth to wipe both sides of screen.


    Note: For best results, be sure to dehaze screens every time after reclaiming. Use a separate degreasing step after dehazing when working with high mesh counts (380 or more), halftones, and costly films.


    Usage Tips:

    • Use each time immediately after emulsion or stencil removal so ghost/haze will not set in the screen.
    • Control amount by using a spray bottle and avoid frame edges as Haze remover will remove the glue holding the mesh to the frame.
    • Use Franmar's Screen Degreaser to remove any residue

      Safety Data Sheet

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Jennie Livezey
    Kiss the ghost goodbye

    I was using another brand of de-hazer and not having very much luck with removing images from my screens. I then tried Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus and I had to say goodbye to all my new ghost friends. Since they are no longer trapped in the screens, they just haunt me in apparition form instead. Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus, I give it 5 stars!