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IC 7014 - Legacy White

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The 7014 Legacy White™ was re-designed from the ground up to give customers the best white ink possible. We believe that our R&D department exceeded expectations, making 7014 Legacy White™ one of the best white inks in the market today. In fact, 7014 Legacy White™ outperforms competitor’s inks we have tested against it. 

  • 7014 Legacy White™ is press-ready and very opaque with the subsequent print producing a matte finish.
  • 7014 Legacy White™ has good bleed blocking characteristics.
  • 7014 Legacy White™ can be used on 100% cotton and 50/50 poly/cotton blends.
  • 7014 Legacy White™ is very creamy, short-bodied and can easily be printed through a variety of mesh counts resulting in a soft feel.
  • 7014 Legacy White™ flashes very fast and offers excellent wash-fastness.
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