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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Libra Matte Mixing Base for Silicone Ink

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Size: Quart

Due to manufacturer shortages, silicone products are temporarily not eligible for our Free Shipping promotion.  All Silicone ink products ship from our NC location only. 

Libra™ Matte Mixing Base is a medium viscosity opaque base with excellent printability to bring a matte effect to your silicone prints. The ink is used with Libra™ pigments and toners for a matte effect with extreme stretchability while maintaining a super-soft flexible hand.

Use 3-5 parts Libra™ Catalyst and 0.5-3 parts Libra™ Retardant. Libra™ pigments or toners can be added up to 20 parts. Mix well and print. To prevent wastage only catalyze what is needed to print for 4 hours.  Colors should be made in accordance with Libra™ IMS3.0 Pantone® mixing system with a maximum of 20% pigment loading.  A digital scale is required to achieve accurate weight and percentage ratios.

Matte Finish
Non-tacky hand (feel)
Excellent coverage and opacity
Super soft-hand feel
Extreme Stretchability

100% Polyester, Cotton, and Cotton/Poly Blends

Counts: 80-225t/in
Tension: 18-35n/cm3

Standard Emulsion
Off Contact: 1/16"
Emulsion Over Mesh: 25-40 micron

Flash: 300f for 4 seconds (on preheated pallets)
Cure: 60 seconds at 270f

Libra Silicone Pigments
Maximum 20%

Libra Catalyst: 3-5%
Libra Retardant: 0.5-3%

Store in sealed containers for 12 months from manufacture
>40f <77f

Standard Plastisol Cleaners

Mix up to 20% Pigment Concentrates or Toners to Libra™ Mixing Base for your desired color and effect.  For specific color matching recipes, use the IMS 3.0 color management system.  Once pigments are mixed in base for desired color, add 3-5% catalyst and mix well before printing.
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