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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Zodiac Libra RFU Silicone Ink Kit

by Avient
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Due to manufacturer shortages, silicone products are temporarily not eligible for our Free Shipping promotion.  All Silicone ink products ship from our NC location only. 

Silicone inks can be a screen printer's secret weapon when printing the toughest polyester jobs like sports uniforms. Featuring low cure temperatures and excellent dye migration resistance, silicone prints are also durable, feel good in the hand and readily stretch with underlying fabrics. 

They're also expensive, leaving some screen printers hesitant to try silicone inks for themselves. 

Our Zodiac Libra Silicone RFU kit solves that problem, offering printers an easy, affordable silicone ink option that won't break the bank. This kit is the fastest way to start screen printing silicone inks right now.

This kit includes: 

1-Pint Libra Silicone Catalyst (LIB0515)

1-Quart Libra RFU Black (LIB8090)

1-Quart Libra RFU White (LIB9062)

To use, simply mix the supplied catalyst with Libra RFU Black or White ink, at a ratio of 3-5 percent of total ink weight, immediately prior to printing. Use within four hours of mixing. A digital scale is required to achieve accurate weight and percentage ratios.

These inks offer great coverage and can be easily flash cured at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 seconds on preheated pallets, allowing for quick printing of a second hit of ink in instances where maximum opacity is desired. 

Note: silicone inks adhere best when substrates are placed on completely flat surfaces, so you may want to apply fresh pallet tape to printing  surfaces prior to production. 

100% Polyester, Cotton, and Cotton/Poly Blends

Counts: 80-225t/in
Tension: 18-35n/cm3

Standard Emulsion
Off Contact: 1/16"
Emulsion Over Mesh: 25-40 micron

Flash: 300f for 4 seconds (on preheated pallets)
Cure: 60 seconds at 270f

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