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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Matsui 301 Water Based Pigment - NEO Pink MB

by Matsui
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Quart Size - Matsui's new 301 ECO-Series Water Based Ink System base binders, pigments and inks are specifically designed for today's high speed automatic screen printing presses. The eco-friendly 301 ECO-Series inks offer advantages over the traditional plastisol inks and are superior to plastisol ink systems currently being used in high volume textile shops.

  • Free of most environmentally damaging chemicals such as PVC, phthalate, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol and formaldehyde.
  • Ability to use wide range of mesh counts up to 300+.
  • Exceptionally soft hand, Intense pigment colors.
  • Ease of use and breathability of the ink on fabric.
  • Formulated for tack free enhanced screen stability which prevents in screen drying and allows for faster and cleaner prints.
  • Ability to achieve entire Pantone® Color range with their Pantone® color matching system (see download below).


How much pigment should I mix into my base?
Depending on the color being created, 301 Eco Series and Dyestone pigments are usually mixed into bases at a concentration of up to 10%, sometimes, but rarely, more.  PC White 70 and the Glow Colors are mixed in at concentration rates of up to 20%.

With what ink bases and pigments can the PC White 70 be used?
PC White 70 can be used with any base or pigment, including the 301 Eco Series bases and pigments, Dyestone, Discharge bases, and Glow Colors.

Can I mix 301 Neo Pigments with the Glow Colors?
Yes you can.

Can the 301 Neo Pigments be mixed into the Dyestone base?
No, it is recommended that only Dyestone X pigments be used with Dyestone bases.

Which pigments do I use with Special Effect bases?
You can use 301 Eco Series pigments and Glow Colors.

Which pigments do I use with Discharge bases?
You can use 301 Eco Series pigments and Glow Colors.

Printing Tips

USES: For high fashion wearables, light-colored T-shirts, sweatshirts and towels of cotton, cotton polyester blends, and cotton rayon blends.

PRINTING: Neo color pigment must be mixed with a base before printing. By itself, it will not adhere to fabrics.  Matsui water based NEO pigments are compatible with all printing bases.  

OPACITY: Transparent

DRYING TIME: Cure for 2.5 to 3 minutes at 320° F (160° C). Use air flow dryer to cure ink more efficiently

SCREEN FABRIC: 110 to 305 monifilament polyester,

SCREEN COATING, FILM, BLOCKOUT: Use only water resistant emulsiuons, films, and blockouts.

MODIFIERS: Use Fixer N to increase wash fastness.

SQUEEGEES: Use 60 to 80 duro square edege squeegees.

WASHUP: Soap and water, screen degreaser

Matsui Color Matching System -
Free Download
The Matsui Color Matching System application will allow the user to calculate the composition of the amount of ink in weight or volume, based on the Pantone color code provided by the user (Windows OS).

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Safety Data Sheet