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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Matsui Alpha Series Trans White

by Matsui
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Discover a new era of water-based inks with the Matsui Alpha Series, featuring an innovative 15-color mixing system. What sets this series apart is its exceptional “Ready For Use” feature. Each water-based color in the Alpha Series is meticulously formulated to be print-ready right out of the bucket, allowing for individual printing convenience. But the true innovation lies in its seamless integration with your Pantone Color Book. With no need for complex software, this system empowers you to effortlessly mix completely unique colors, setting a new standard for quick and economical custom color creation.

A World of Versatility:

The Matsui Alpha Series offers a level of versatility that’s unmatched. Print individual colors with ease, or combine them directly using the Pantone Color Book’s guidance to craft exclusive shades that resonate with your vision.

Seamless Customization:

Experience a revolutionary approach to custom color printing. The Alpha Series connects directly with your Pantone Color Book, eliminating the need for software and streamlining the process of creating one-of-a-kind hues that bring your designs to life.

Efficiency Meets Creativity:

The Alpha Series doesn’t just save time; it unleashes your creativity. It can be printed as a water base ink through direct print application, or you can take it a step further. By using the discharge activator, you can activate the color and transform it into a discharge ink. This dual functionality opens up a world of possibilities for layering colors and achieving depth that captivates.

For Dark Cotton Fabrics:

The innovation of the Alpha Series extends to dark cotton fabrics as well. By simply adding a discharge agent into the ink at 3% to 5%, you can effortlessly print on dark cotton, unlocking a new dimension of possibilities.

Experience the Evolution:

Matsui Alpha Hybrid Water Base and Discharge Ink reimagines water-based printing, fusing efficiency, creativity, and precision. Transform your designs into vibrant expressions that stand out on any fabric, light or dark. Step into the future of custom color printing with Matsui’s expertise guiding every print you create.


Uses: For use on white or light or dark cottons, blends, and polyester (with under base blocker).

Finish: Matte, equal to fabric printed.

Opacity: Alpha is a medium-opacity ink.

Drying Time: Flash at 160° F (71°C), Cure at 320° F ( (160°C).

Catalyst: Use Fixer WF-N 1-3% to help with wash fastness. Use Fixer L 1-3% with low curing fabrics or electric dryers.

Screen: Use monofilament polyester 110 to 230 mesh for normal printing.

Screen Coating, Film, Blockout: Use water resistant emulsion, preferable with hardener.

Additives: Use Retarder MG 1-3% to help with open time in the screen. Use Softener MG 1-5% to help penetrate in to the garment. Thin sparingly with RV Additive. Thicken with Thickener B.

Squeegee: Medium squeegees in the 70 durometer range.

Cleanup: Use water and mild detergent to clean screens and tools, or biodegradable washups screen wash gel for badly dried in screens.

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