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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

RhinoClean HR-2800 Haze & Ghost Remover

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Quart Size.  Specially formulated thick liquid to remove embedded UV, conventional, and plastisol inks (haze/ghost images) that remain on the screen following emulsion removal.

HR 2800 effectively lifts the haze and embedded ink from the mesh then emulsifies and dissolves the ink constituents: resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc.

The solution suspends these constituents so reattachment to the mesh surface is prohibited, thus allowing for water-rinse removal. Excellent degreaser, as it also removes dirt and residue.

Note - this is a very strong formulation cleaner.  Read all precautions and wear proper protective equipment during use.

Instructions - Apply to both sides of your screen with a cloth or brush.  Remove by rinsing with water. Do not let sit on screen for longer than 10 minutes. 
Safety Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phillip Molene
Strongest Stuff

This is by far the strongest remover we have used - strong odor so ventilation is recommended. Worked very, very well.

Joan Hoffman
Worked where others failed.

I had a batch of emulsion that just would not be removed. After several products and power washings I called Texsource and they recommended this. It did the trick fast. It is certainly very caustic and I would only use it as a last resort with a respirator.

Gnarly Artly
Super Strong

Works great! Just don't leave it on too long (5+ mins), it'll split the screen fabric. Read and follow directions and you will be fine.

Wendy Lingerfelt
Great at Removing Ghosting

this product is amazing at removing the ghost image from screens. Strong scent, but uses very little - quite strong