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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Rutland Chill LC Yellow RS

by Rutland
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Rutland ™ Chill ™ flexible-curing inks are ready for use screen printing inks that cure as low as 270°F or up to as high as 320°F.  This series consists of 17 bright, easy to print, ready-for-use colors; an under base bleed blocking barrier ink, a mixing base and 3 white inks that can be printed alone or as an underbase; and an extender base designed for white or light colored fabrics.

This premium flexible cure system produces a contemporary soft hand with a matte finish.  Rutland Chill inks are a terrific fit for manual and automatic presses in shops of varying sizes. This extensive system delivers vibrant, rich colors direct to cotton and onto most cotton blends, benefiting from a lower cure to minimize the risk of dye migration
appearing in your print. For more unstable polyester blends, sublimated and 100% polyester garments, printers can use the grey dye blocking barrier. This bleed blocker is recommended for when problem fabrics prove to be too challenging for the Rutland Chill LC LB Tidy White or the Rutland Chill LC Polywhite.

• Excellent stretch and soft-hand feel
• Vibrant and opaque colors
• Non-migrating pigments produce crisp edge definition designs
• Wide temperature curing profile, from 270°F/132°C to 320°F/160°C
• Reduces energy consumption and lowers shop temperatures
• Great printability and wet-on-wet capabilities on manual or automatic presses

Best used with 100% cotton or cotton blends (for 100% poly garments subject to dye migration, a blocker underbase may be needed)
• Flash using 150°F/66°C for 3–5 seconds 
• Print on manual or automatic equipment 
• Test all prints for color fastness and print durability before starting
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Includes information on application, additives, mesh, curing, and more.
Safety Data Sheet

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