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Saati Textil PHU2 Photopolymer Emulsion

by Saati
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SAATI SAATItex PHU2 emulsion is a pure photopolymer emulsion that is universally suitable for all inks, including solvent, water-base, and discharge inks.

Features and Benefits
  • Dyed red
  • One-part, pre-sensitized.  No mixing, no diazo required!
  • Exposes approximately 4x faster than typical two-part emulsion
  • 47% solids
  • Medium viscosity easily coats all mesh counts
  • Easy to reclaim
  • Can be used with discharge inks as-is.  No need for diazo.
  • Can be used with Diazo 11 when extra sharpness or high resolution is required*
  • Cannot be reclaimed once catalyzed.

Handle under yellow safelight or low wattage tungsten lights. Avoid exposure to daylight, quartz/halogen lamps, cool white fluorescent lamps or discharge lamps.

Sensitizing & Mixing
Emulsion is presensitized during production and does not require mixing.

Shelf Life - Approximate shelf life for this emulsion is 24 month (2 years) when stored at room temperature.  It should not be stored at temperatures above 80f (27c) or below 37f (0c).  For best results it should only be stored in its original container. 

Emulsion Exposure Differences
Proper screen exposure must take many factors into account – the emulsion type, coating thickness, exposure unit, etc. As a general guideline for the different emulsion types (diazo, dual cure, and photopolymer) use these times as a reference.

Photopolymer – These are typically the fastest exposing emulsions, with many exposing correctly from 30-50 seconds. The shortest times can be seen when using a newer LED-type exposure unit.

Dual Cure – If you have established a good exposure time with photopolymer emulsions, you can typically add 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) to that time for most dual cure emulsions.

Diazo - If you have established a good exposure time with photopolymer emulsions, you can typically add 210 seconds (3.5 minutes) to that time for most diazo emulsions.

These times will depend heavily on your exposure unit and should only be considered as a starting point.
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