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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Texsource Curable Reducer

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Texsource Curable Reducer is used to lower the viscosity (thickness) of your plastisol inks. The formulation works well with many plastisol inks including Texsource GEN and SO Inks as well as Rutland, Union, and International Coatings Inks. 

Recommended Application For Curable Plastisol Ink Reducer:

An opaque liquid, Curable Reducer lowers the viscosity of plastisol ink and reduces fusion at the same time. Curable Reducer brings ink to a workable consistency, and can be added in any ratio screen printers need. This makes it especially useful in instances where a thinner plastisol consistency can aid production, including printing through higher mesh count screens. 


Unlike Clear Reducer, which can only be mixed at a maximum three percent ratio to ink, Curable Reducer can be used in greater quantities without altering ink curing times or temperatures. Mixing curable reducer at ratios above 15 percent, however, can impact ink color or opacity.

Product Highlights:

  • Reduces the viscosity of the plastisol ink- make it thinner
  • Lowers the fusion temperature and thereby make the flash time shorter
  • Helps make the ink feel softer and flexible
  • Improves the flow of the plastisol ink

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Customer Reviews

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Neal Clower
Nice Soft Feel

It seems to give a softer feel to prints and helps to give a nice smooth flow through the screen without making it runny. Makes your ink last longer as well. I try to keep some in the shop at all times.