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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Texsource GEN 19000 - Fluorescent Yellow

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The Texsource GEN series of screen printing inks represent many years of garment printing experience and the very latest in plastisol ink technology and formulations to bring you the very best private label ink on the market!

Texsource General Purpose (GEN) plastisol screen printing inks have been specifically formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing. Although most GEN inks are opaque, optimum opacity can achieved with Super Opaque (SO) Inks. GEN inks have excellent printability. GEN inks also may be used to print conventional cold peel transfers.

The GEN series inks are best suited for 100% cotton and cotton blend shirts (50/50).  Excellent results can also be seen on newer Tri-Blend shirts, although depending on ink and substrate color an underbase print may be beneficial.  They are equally at home on small manual presses or larger production automatic presses.

Although curing times and temperatures will vary depending on equipment, substrate, and environment, a general guideline would be to set curing temperature to 320f with an approximate dwell time of 60 seconds.

The GEN series of inks can be used with a variety of common additives such as reducers, stretch, puff, thickener, etc.  Refer to mixing instructions from your additive supplier for proper mixing ratios and instructions.

The GEN series of inks can be used with all reputable emulsion brands that are for use with plastisol inks.  This includes dual cure, diazo, and photopolymer emulsions.

The GEN series inks are easy to clean with most brands of screen wash or ink remover products.  As always, use proper safety procedures when handling ink or chemical products including proper hand and eye protection.
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