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Texsource Specialty Ink - Crystalina Shimmer

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Crystalina is used by screen printers to produce subtle sparkle effects with high gloss and excellent durability. Crystalina will give a subtle blue sparkle effect.

Crystalina is best suited for use on dark, medium, and colored garments, or on white garments on top of colors. When used with white and very light colors, crystalina will produce a very subtle effect. Although the product can be printed as a subtle standalone print, it is perhaps most used as an overprint on top of existing colors to give a glittering sparkle effect.

Crystalina should be printed through a 25-40 mesh screen to accommodate particle size.

You can flash cure this product at around 220f (105c) for approximately 5-10 seconds depending on garment type, thickness, and flash height. Full curing should be around 270-320f (160c) for approximately 60 seconds.

This product should be stored in a dry temperature controlled environment, ideally at 60-90f. Avoid direct sunlight.

This ink, when properly kept, should have an expected shelf life of approximately 1 year.
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Customer Reviews

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Matt H
Worked Great

First time using Crystalina. Printed about 100 shirts for a cancer support organization and they turned out great! I printed it over a metallic silver and it really added extra bling! Just be sure to use the correct mesh screen (I used a 40 with excellent results)