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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Union G2 Low Cure Ink - White LB

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*Shirt image is a simulated illustration only - actual color may vary.  Excellent low-cure performance is perfect for polyester garments

Union Ink™ Gen2 LC LB White is a high opacity low bleed / low cure white that produces a very soft, matte to low gloss finish with terrific fiber mat-down and great dye blocking ability on a wide range of fabrics. LC LB White shears down quickly to print like similar low cure products, but retains an even flood and does not "puff' as much as competitive products resulting in excellent printability and detail. 
  • Excellent bleed resistance at a wide temperature range, low cure (270°F/132°C) with maximum cure of 320°F/160°C
  • Shears down very quickly to a very creamy, smooth body
  • Premium soft hand, drape and excellent stretch
  • High opacity on dark fabrics
  • Perfect choice for vector and fine mesh half-tone jobs
  • Superior performance on both manual or automatic presses


  • Use 86–230t (34-90t/cm) mesh screens for best performance and opacity.
  • For challenging polyester fabrics, use Union Ink™ UPLC1550 Low Cure Barrier Grey or UPLC8550 Barrier Black as a base layer to achieve maximum bleed resistance.
  • Adjust flash cure temperature and dwell time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes. Depending on flash unit, a 3 - 5 second flash is adequate.
  • Adjust your print parameters to allow this ink to clear fully on the second stroke using medium to low pressure for best dye blocking and opacity. As this ink shears down, less pressure will be required. Adjust accordingly.
  • Curing is a time and temperature process. Using a lower temperature, at a lower belt speed will provide the best result without damaging the fabric.
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