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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Union Tru-Tone Process Halftone Base

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Size: Quart
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Union Ink’s Tru-Tone (PRPE) plastisol inks are the premier inks for process color printing on textiles. Tru-Tone inks have extremely accurate, consistent colors, very low dot gain, and are ready to print right out of the can. 

Opacity: Tru-Tone inks are transparent. 

Mesh: For best results use 305 on manual presses and 355 on automatics (120-140 threads/cm) plain weave monofilament polyester. Using coarser meshes will result in increased ink deposits and stronger color shades. If you are using retensionable frames, adjust the mesh tension to at least 25 Newtons/cm. For consistent and accurate color reproduction be sure that all screens are at the same tension. 

Stencils: For optimum results use solvent resistant dual-cure emulsions. Do not use water-resistant or one-part photopolymer emulsions. Underexposed stencils may break down during printing or cause a chemical reaction between the ink and emulsion resulting in a clogged screen mesh that will be difficult and sometimes impossible to reclaim. 

Additives: Tru-Tone plastisol inks are supplied ready-to-print. Any modification to these inks can have an adverse effect on their performance. If necessary, reduce with small amounts of Reducer/Detackifier (PLRE-9000). Tru-Tone Halftone Base (PRPE-9080) can be used when or if necessary to reduce color concentrations. 

Printing: For best results Tru-Tone inks should be printed on white fabrics. The color values will be altered if printed on dyed fabrics.

Curing Instructions: Tru-Tone inks will fully cure when the entire thickness of the ink deposit reaches 300°F (149°C).
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