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Texsource ChemGlue 100 Mesh Adhesive

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Chemsource Quick Screen Frame Adhesive is used to bond screen fabric to a screen frame. It is applied using a thin bead of adhesive followed by an even spread with a spreader.  Chemsource Quick Screen Accelerator / Activator can be used to mist the area where glue is applied for an instant cure and is required for use. 

This glue works excellent on metal or wood frames.  With the wide range of mesh counts available your choice of glue will be simple and easy.  Use lower viscosity glue, indicated by the number on the bottle and in the product title, for higher mesh counts. 

ChemGlue 50 - A thinner viscosity, best used on higher mesh counts
ChemGlue 100 -
A mid-viscosity glue that is versatile on middle and mid-high mesh
ChemGlue 300 - A thick glue that is perfect for use on low mesh counts

16 oz. bottle.

safety data sheet