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Aquarius Water Based Inks

Zodiac™ Aquarius™ water-based inks have been developed to meet the sustainability demands of the consumer without compromising the performance and durability expectations of the printer. The Aquarius line of non-PVC water-based inks provides printers with a comprehensive system of high solids, high mesh, soft base, discharge, additives, special effects and digital hybrid inks. 

Each product line in the Aquarius range is supported by the IMS Pantone® Color-Matching system, and are compliant with the Avient Specialty Inks Zodiac Restricted Substance List (RSL) which ensures each formulation meets the compliance standards of major brands.

Texsource is here to answer your questions and help guide you to the water based inks that are right for your shop.  Contact your sales rep at Texsource by calling 888-344-4657 and let us answer all your water based ink and additive questions.

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