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Matsui Water Based Inks

Matsui International is a PVC free water-based ink producer, and advocate of environmentally friendly practices, offering a variety of water-based inks and specialty products for a broad range of products. Matsui produces an array of inks that are all water based and with no ‘co-solvents,’ the majority of which have been OekoTex 100 Grade 1 certified, the highest grade, approved for skin contact garments like swimwear, underwear, and infant clothing. 

The Matsui line of water-based inks make screen printing quicker, easier, and longer lasting; debunking outdated reputations that water based inks aren’t as opaque, or lack in color fastness.  Texsource is here to answer your questions and help guide you to the water based inks that are right for your shop.  Contact your sales rep at Texsource by calling 888-344-4657 and let us answer all your water based ink and additive questions.




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