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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Aquarius Water Based Mixing Pigment - Fluorescent Violet

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These pigments are designed to be used in an ink mixing system and are not intended for standalone use. 

Quart Size.  The Zodiac™ Aquarius™ line of water based pigments is composed of 15 concentrated colors that are used to mix your own PMS colors. They are compatible with all Aquarius printing bases for ease of use.  These pigments are included in the Aquarius Ink Management System (IMS), which provides color formulas to match with Pantone® standard colors as well as brand colors for approved printers.

Using the IMS Ink Management Software, you can quickly look up a needed Pantone color and the software will give you the exact pigments and quantities to use.  To ensure accurate color results and mix ratios, the use of a digital scale is required.

This is an exciting opportunity for shops who uses water based inks to be able to create, mix, and match your own colors without specialty equipment.

The IMS Ink Management System can be used to create the colors you need via a convenient software download and is available to registered Zodiac Aquarius users HERE.

Aquarius Soft Base
Aquarius High Solids Base
Aquarius Discharge Base

Universal pigment concentrates, may be used in all Aquarius printing systems, including specialty products.

100% cotton, blends, or synthetic fabrics.  Always perform at test print to determine print results.

Count: 110-320T/in
Tension: 18-35n/cm3

Water Resistant Emulsion
Off Contact: 1/16" (2mm)
Emulsion Over Mesh: 15-20%

Flash: Not Recommended
Cure: 90 Seconds @320f

Water & Mild Detergent

Technical Data Sheet
safety data sheet