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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Avient Plasticharge Kit - Premium

by Avient
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Premium Kit contains:
1 Can Sprayway 32 Waterbase Screen Opener
1 Cen-Tech Digital Scale
1 Qt - Aquarius Plasticharge Additive
1 Qt - Aquarius Plasticharge White
1 Qt - Aquarius Activator ZF 
1 Qt - Ulano ProClaim Emulsion

Printing plasticharge has never been easier. Avient's Aquarius line of Plasticharge products helps screen printers get that signature discharge printing look and feel with the plastisol inks they already have on hand. 

Choose your plastisol color and mix with Aquarius Plasticharge Additive at a 1:1 ratio. Next, add the Aquarius ZF Activator agent at 6% of the weight of the plasticharge additive. Be sure to add the ZF agent just prior to printing and mix until the powder is completely dissolved in the mixture. 

The resulting ink mixture will have a consistency similar to water based inks and can be discharged when printing on cotton garments. Discharge and plasticharge inks soak into cotton fibers, release the dyes from the underlying substrate when run through a dryer and replace them with the discharge color pigments. 

Plasticharge prints produce durable, bright, opaque prints with an incredibly soft hand feel. Conventional plastisol inks can also be layered on top of plasticharge, making it useful as an underbase. 

When working with red and orange colors, care should be taken to avoid scorching. Reduce the additive to 30% (70% plastisol, and 30% Plasticharge additive) and also reduce the ZF Agent to 4%.

Consult your shirt provider to make sure you are getting quality dischargeable cotton shirts or colors may change during the curing process.

This kit also includes Chromaline's MagnaCure UDC-ACE, an easy-to-work-with dual cure emulsion that produces durable stencils with excellent water resistance, one can of Sprayway 32 Waterbase Screen Opener and a Cen-Tech Digital Scale.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dean Evans
Great Kit - You Will Be Happy

everything you need to get started. never performed discharge printing and likely never will once we got the hang of the plasticharge products. excellent results and easy to use.

James Braten
THE way to start in Discharge

If you've ever wanted to get started with discharge printing, this is THE way to go. Seriously beats my old method of using softscrub bleach, lol. It's from Union, so you know everything you get is top of the line and this kit is more than worth the price.

This is the way to start with Discharge printing

Everything you need is here so the guesswork is taken out for those who haven't tried discharge printing before. You can't do a huge amount of products with all the quart sizes, but you can play around a good bit, get the hang of it, and fill several smaller orders before you order replacements. The union stuff is top notch, even though you may pay a bit more for some of it.