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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Chromaline AccuJet Film

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Size: 11"x17" (100 Sheets)
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Alternative Water-Resistant Inkjet Film for Pigment and Dye Based Ink.

AccuFast is high quality photo-positive film, universally receptive to both dye and pigment ink. Engineered to accommodate the most popular RIPS, AccuFast will accept heavy ink loads, resulting in high density positives and negatives  Not for use in laser (toner based) printers.


1. Prepare artwork for output. Remember, the quality of your digital artwork will determine the quality of your positive/negative. Artwork should have smooth lines and edges and be of adequate resolution. A minimum of 720 dpi is recommended (1440 dpi or higher for line art). 

2. Load the film into the printer. It is important to load the printer so that the coated side of the film will be face-up under the print head. Most printers require the film to be loaded coated side down in the printer tray. As the film is fed through the printer, the coated side will face upward to receive the ink. If your printer loads from the back or if you are using rolls, the film should be loaded with the coated side facing up.To assist in determining the proper print side, the coated print side of the film has a slightly duller appearance. 

3. Check printer settings. Make sure printer is set for the highest resolution and print quality. Note that the higher the resolution, the slower the print. Next, set the Media Setting to Photo Quality Glossy Film (if an option, otherwise choose similar film or transparency setting). Options will vary based on printer and software available. Then, set ink deposit for optimum results. 

TIP: Experiment with the setting options available with your printer to determine the best set-up for your requirements. If positive seems light or lacks density, try increasing the print quality or amount of ink deposit. 

4. Print. These inkjet films dry to the touch quickly. With most inks, the positive will be dry to the touch and ready for use in less than 2 minutes. Drying times will vary based on printers, inks and conditions. Note: Always make sure positive is completely dry before using. Transfer or marring of image can occur if used before completely dry. Refer to product selection chart for ink type. 

PLEASE NOTE: AccuArt 3, AccuBlack, and AccuFast inkjet films are designed to work with standard aqueous inkjet printers. Results will vary based on printer used, type of ink, software and artwork quality. Generally, printers with higher resolution capability will yield better looking positives. But remember, image quality depends the most on having quality artwork with adequate resolution and smooth line edges. As with any digital media, experimentation is necessary to determine the proper equipment settings to achieve desired results. We highly recommend the use of rip software, such as Wasatch SoftRIP or AccuRip for optimal results. 

5. Printing Environment should be 65° - 75°F with a relative humidity of 40 - 70% for best results. 6. Storage. Positives/negatives created with AccuArt inkjet products are re-usable and can be stored for later use. For best results, interleaf positives with a clean piece of newsprint and store in a low humidity environment.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Mason
Great Film

This film is great for all types of artwork. Athletic separations to 55lpi 4 color process artwork. The film seems to be slightly more milky in color but exposes great. Ink adheres with lighter deposits compared to other film Strongly recommend product