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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

M&R i-Image S™ Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System

by M&R
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As a leading distributor for M&R products, Texsource can give you the absolute best price, training, and support on all M&R products.  Call or contact us today for information on the exact I-IMAGE configuration that best suits your needs.  

The single-printhead i-Image S is ideal for smaller shops where throughput and price point are key considerations. It’s the best solution for screen printers who need a frame size of 66 x 91 cm (26" x 36") or less, and process fewer than 100 screens per 8-hour shift. *product photos provided by manufacturer may not be exact configuration of the product listing and may also contain optional accessories.  A crating and installation fee may be required for this product.  Additional lead time may be required for this product. 

M&R’s i-Image S features the same software, printhead, output quality, and image area as the groundbreaking i-Image ST-36-1, but with a smaller footprint, exceptional pricing, and the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift, it’s the ideal choice for small-to-medium size print shops. i-Image S quickly generates opaque images up to 51 x 66 cm (20” x 26”) on screen frames up to 66 x 91 cm (26” x 36”). And it’s designed to fit through an 81 cm (32") doorway.

i-Image S includes computer, monitor, and proprietary software that give operators complete control of print parameters, producing high-quality screen images at production-level speed. In order to ensure proper screen placement, M&R designed the Tri-Sync™ System. The system’s PRINT button illuminates when the contact indicators determine that the screen has been locked in place. That helps ensure that every CTS-generated screen is correctly pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc registration system. In fact, the Tri-Sync System prevents images from being printed if the screen frame has not been properly loaded (this feature can be turned off). And every i-Image model also includes a Tri-Sync pallet. The pallet’s contact indicator lights up when the screen is properly positioned on the press, giving users the same confidence when registering screens on the press that they have when loading screens onto an i-Image unit. M&R’s Tri-Sync System virtually eliminates operator screen-loading errors on the i-Image or registration errors on the press.

i-Image S also uses specially-formulated water-based UV-blocking ink and advanced high-resolution computer-to-screen inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. CTS images are superior to traditional film positives, delivering greater detail and smoother halftone transitions. i-Image Series systems eliminate the need for costly film positives, as well as the space and labor required to store and retrieve them. Because the image information is digital, it’s easy to store and quick to retrieve.

  • All i-Image models are fully integrated  with M&R’s Tri-Sync™ system to deliver  exact image placement
  • i-Image S, i-Image ST & i-Image K generate computer-to-screen images for subsequent exposure on standalone exposure units
  • i-Image XE and i-Image KX expose emulsion  with a scanning UV LED light source
  • All i-Image models come complete with  computer system, proprietary RIP software,  and Tri-Sync pallet


    • 11" x 15" Pusher Frame (Copperhead Mini-2 Scrns.)
    • 15" x 23" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 9" x 16")
    • 20" x 24" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 14" x 15")
    • 21" x 28" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 15" x 18")
    • 22" x 27" Pusher Frame (Copperhead Size)
    • 23" x 31-33" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 17" x 21")
    • 23" x 31-33" Pusher Frame400(Max Image Area 17" x 21")
    • 25" x 33-36" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 19" x 23")
    • 25" x 33-36" Pusher Frame400(Max Image Area 19" x 23")
    • 25" x 36" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 19" x 26")
    • 26" x 36" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 20" x 26")
    • 26" x 43" Pusher Frame(Max Image Area 20" x 33")
    • Custom Pusher Frame
    • Custom Pusher Frame for Image ST (2UP)
    • Custom Pusher Frame for Image ST (4UP)
    • i-Image ST Transformer (To run unit on 110v power)


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