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Get FREE SHIPPING on qualifying online supply orders of $299 or more

Saati LTS8012 - Direct Laser Image Exposure Unit

by Saati
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Take the guesswork out of the screen exposure process with Saati's LTS line of Direct Laser Image and Exposure Units.

Saati's LTS system combines high efficiency direct laser technology with an easy-to-use computer interface in a compact package.

The LTS8012 is designed to image and expose one stencil, up to a maximum size of 45" x 66" or multiple smaller stencils at the same time.

Controlled by a PC compatible with raster image processor software packages, Saati's system allows printers to lock frames in place and digitally drag and drop images on screens, simplifying the pre-exposure registration process.

Images are then burned directly on screens with an efficient laser exposure system producing high resolution designs up to 2540 DPI.

The system allows printers to scrap multiple steps, including producing film positives and registering them on screens, necessary in the traditional screen making process.

The means you'll be able to ditch the expensive consumables like film, ink, printers and maintenance, that most shops currently rely on to create their screens.


  • Vertical glassless design with safety shutter
  • 128 laser array capable of creating stencils at 2540, 1693, 1270, 1016, and 847 DPI
  • Exposes all emulsions and stencil film types
  • Easy to use software, compatible with many RIP programs, RIP can be provided as part of purchase
  • Utilizes 1-bit TIFF file format
  • Very high resolution CtS exposure capable of reproducing the most demanding image types
  • Double screen output by imaging & exposing two screens at once
  • Digitally process all types of PC & Mac design files in house with no film positives and the powerful workflow software allows multiple image placements across one or two screens to further enhance productivity
  • No consumables and low power consumption for minimized costs
  • 10,000+ hour lamp life and easy, low cost maintenance


  • Weight: 2,039 lbs
  • Maximum Image Size: 31.5" x 47.2"
  • Maximum Frame Size: 45" x 66"
  • Overall Dimensions: 86.6" x 22.8" x 64"
  • Compatible with 110V or 220V input
  • Requires compressed air for clamps (90 psi, less than 1 CFM)
  • One Year Warranty