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Texsource Chem 200 - Screen Degreaser

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Simplify your screen reclaiming process with Texsource's Chem 200 Screen Degreaser, an easy-to-use degreaser designed to remove dirt and oils from screens. 

Texsource's Screen Degreaser cleans unwanted residue left on mesh screens and reduces follow on problems during screen coating like pinholes and fisheyes, making it a valuable part of any printer's screen reclaiming process. Once dried, screens will look and feel smoother and provide a better adhesion surface for emulsion.

  • Ready to use, no mixing required. 
  • Can be applied as the final step in screen reclaiming. 
  • Once dried, treated screens will look and feel smoother. 
  • Screens will be easier to coat with emulsion.

1. Pre-rinse both sides of screen with water. 
2. Spray Texsource Chem 200 Screen Degreaser on both sides of the mesh surface and scrub using a white scrub pad. 
3. Allow degreaser to remain on the screen for up to one minute. 
4. Rinse the screen from top to bottom with a low pressure water source until all degreaser has been rinsed away. 
5. Repeat the process once more, making sure to remove degreaser from all parts of the mesh and screen frame surface before drying your screen. 

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