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Union UPLC Low Cure Ink - LB Green

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Approximate PMS Match = 356C.

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Union Ink™ UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory Inks Approved by BSN Sports™ Flexible cure opaque inks that prevent heat-related defects.

Screen printers face many challenges in choosing suitable inks for printing— including overcoming dye migration and achieving a softer hand. The dyes used in certain polyester fabrics can migrate into the printed area when cured at average temperatures (320°F/160°C), resulting in quality issues with printed goods being possibly returned or even scrapped. Standard plastisol inks also impart a heavy hand that does not correlate with fashion-forward softer fabrics.

Union Ink™ UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory inks are formulated to cure at a lower temperature to reduce energy consumption, prevent shrinkage of heatsensitive fabrics, and minimize dye migration, even on fabrics prone to ink bleed. The inks are creamy in texture, enabling faster printing and providing a softer hand than standard-curing plastisol inks. Combine these attributes with low ghosting, better mat down, and high opacity printing, and printers have another option to solve common ink/substrate printing issues.

  • Excellent Bleed Resistance
  • Excellent Opacity and Coverage
  • Broad Curing Range Profile
  • BSN Sports Core 24


  • Prevent dye migration on fabrics sensitive to heat. For fabrics especially prone to ink bleed, printers can use the barrier gray or barrier black for added protection
  • Print directly onto dark- or light-colored fabrics
  • Cure inks from 250°F (121°C) to 300°F (148°C) depending upon curing conveyor dryer settings and fabrics, to provide flexibility to manage print operations
  • Union Ink UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory colors are a great ready-for-use option for the BSN Sports printer network.


  • UPLC8000 LB Sport Victory Black
  • UPLC1550 G2 Sport LC Barrier Grey
  • UPLC8550 G2 Sport LC Barrier Black
  • K2912 Viscosity Buster LC
  • UPLC1071 G2 Sport LC Poly White

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