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Users may experience shipping delays as we work to upgrade key operational software over the coming days. Thank you!

Vastex Pro Entry Screen Printing Shop 3

by Vastex
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Get printing today with the top Vastex V1000-based package available!  All Vastex Pro Entry level shop packages include a V1000 press, UV exposure, infrared curing and flashing. From the hobby printer to the serious business start-up Vastex offers an affordable solution to fit your needs.

Package Includes:
  • V1-88 - 8 color / 8 station press
  • LR-X2D-30 - 30" wide infrared conveyor dryer - 260 shirts/hr capacity
  • E200-2128 - LED Exposure Unit
  • RAD-18-240 - Infrared flash cure
  • VDC-2331 - 10 screen capacity 23" x 31" Drying Cabinet
Price does not include any applicable crating or shipping fees



The LittleRed™ X2D Dryer is the most compact and affordable DTG-capable dryer from Vastex. Radically new heat mapping speeds the curing of ink jet, water-based and discharge inks, as well as DTG-digital inks, making the X2D an unbeatable value for smaller shops.

The X2D model comes with a high powered pre-heating zone that surges ink temperatures to over 300°F (149°C) within the first several inches of conveyor travel inside the 27 in. (69 cm) heating chamber. Two closely spaced, height adjustable infrared heaters and dual zone heat controls maintain consistent temperatures needed for DTG and all other inks. Rapid preheating maximizes the dwell time for each kind of ink, allowing increased conveyor belt speeds and dryer output.

Model X2D-30 has a 30 in. (76 cm) wide belt, two 24 in. (61 cm) wide infrared heaters (6300W @ 240V total wattage), and cures up to 240+ garments per hour with plastisol inks, up to 122+ garments per hour with water-based inks, and up to 34 garments per hour with DTG/digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time.

This model comes with a powered exhaust system as standard to rapidly remove moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, as well as to cool the skin and controls.

The conveyor length is 66 in. (168 cm), with a low friction belt aligner and belt speed controls to precisely set dwell times from 35 seconds up to four minutes.
Fully expandable, additional heating chambers and conveyor belt lengths allow for future expansion as business grows.

The heaters of all Vastex dryers carry an industry-leading 15-year warranty, and feature closely spaced coils to provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under curing associated with conventional units. This product requires a crating fee of $200.
  • FLEXIBLE-Can cure plastisol, water-based, discharge and inkjet-printed white ink in record time
  • POWERFUL-240V/6,300 total wattage
  • DEPENDABLE-Industry-leading 15-year heater warranty
  • EFFICIENT-Closely spaced coils provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing
  • CONSISTENT-Low friction belt aligner and DC belt speed control with digital display
  • HEAVY DUTY-"X-Series" Conveyor Belt Roller Tracking System with Teflon coated fiberglass belt and HD belt motor
  • FAST-240+ garments/hr for plastisol inks. 90+ garments/hr for water-based or discharge inks and 26+ garments/hr for DTG digital white ink @ 3.5 minutes
  • ACCURATE-Dual digital PID Temperature controller is accurate to +/-1°F
  • ADJUSTABLE-2 - 7 in. (5 - 18 cm) belt-to-heater clearance, adjustable separately on each side for each heater
  • EXPANDABLE-Add additional chambers belt extensions
  • EXHAUST-High powered exhaust to remove fumes and moisture


This all-new LED Screen Exposing Unit from Vastex features a long-lasting LED (light emitting diode) light pack that delivers ultra-fast exposure times while producing high resolution half-tones and crisp detail on the most intricate graphics.

The LED light pack also consumes far less electricity than metal halide lamps of equivalent surface area, and can last over 50,000 hours, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, it starts instantly, provides uniform lighting intensity cycle-to-cycle, remains cool during operation, and lacks potentially dangerous high-voltage power supplies and inefficient shutters.  It comes standard as a tabletop unit with a powerful vacuum hold down with rubber neoprene blanket for tight screen-to-film contact, easy-to-set analog.
  • FAST-Expose screens 10-15 times faster than fluorescent bulbs, and comparable to metal halide
  • SCREEN SIZE-21 x 24 in. (53.3 x 70 cm) max screen O.D.
  • EFFICIENT-Bulb life expectancy 50,000-100,000 hours, Operates at 20% of the power required for metal halide
  • POWERFUL-Power vacuum hold down contours rubber neoprene rubber blanket to screen for excellent screen-to-film contact
  • ADJUSTABLE-Independent controls to adjust vacuum draw and exposure time
  • SMART-Single button operation for both vacuum and lights
  • GUARANTEED-3 year warranty on manufacturer's defects
  • Power Requirements: 120V / 60 HZ / 3.5A / NEMA 5-15P OR 240V / 50/60 HZ / 2A / NEMA 6-15P
  • Max Screen Size: 21"x24""
  • Max Image Area: 15"x18"
  • Overall Size: 32.75 x 34.75 x 14"
  • Unit Weight: 151 lbs.
  • Four (4) 24" black UV bulbs
  • High bulb density, 3.5" center to center
  • Power vacuum hold down
  • Precision timer controls lights and vacuum
  • Uses electronic ballast
  • Heavy duty frame with bearing lid locks
  • VRS Pin Registration compatible


The Air-Flash™ Cure Station from Vastex combines infrared heating with forced air to heat the ink while cooling the garment.  This prevents the high heat needed to melt plastisol inks from melting, shrinking or burning nylon, polyester, Dazzle cloth, Spandex and other heat-sensitive fabrics.

With water-based inks that require moisture removal for drying, the flow of forced air across the infrared-heated ink accelerates evaporation, significantly reducing the time and energy needed to flash-dry each garment.
  • RELIABLE-15-Year Heater Warranty - 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • VERSATILE-Select air only, full heat and air, or modulate air velocity and heat high-low. Works great with plastisol, water base, discharge and delicate garments and more
  • CLEAN-Large filtered air intake delivers clean air to heater and your garments
  • ADJUSTABLE-Heat, air velocity, heat shield, head height and level
  • DURABLE-Anti-rust treatment on powder coated all steel construction
  • SAFE-Outer skin and side handles are cooled for operator safety by an adjustable air diverter system instead of a conventional fan speed control.
  • Heater Size: 18” x 18” (46 x 46cm)
  • Power: 3,500w - 240v - 16a - NEMA 6-20P Plug
  • Warm Up Time: 6-10 Minutes
  • Standard Stand Included
  • Weight: 64 lbs (Head Weight)


The Vastex Dri-Cab is the result of the Vastex commitment to providing a lower cost entry level screen drying cabinet that still retains the quality you would expect from the industry leading company. While lower on cost, this drying cabinet packs some serious performance punch!

  • 120v or 240v Power (specify when ordering)
  • Shipping Size (crated) 43" x 35" x 40"
  • Shipping Weight 212 lbs.
  • Dry screens in as little as an hour
  • Holds (10) screens up to 23" x 31"
  • Light tight design and filtered air intake
  • Locking casters for easy mobility
  • 3 Year Warranty